The aims and objectives of this College are to produce a more conducive learning environment and a more rewarding learning experience for all our students. Our dream at Luban College is to bring education to the door steps of Sierra Leoneans and beyond without salvaging quality and standards, but build on the aspirations and passion of prospective students at all levels. We therefore anchor our College targets on two broad objectives as follows:
- To create a whole system change in traditional programs by providing current market driven programs that are in demand and the mind-set that comes with them, are welcomed and demonstrated by staff in lectures, student assessment and feedback. Using the following strategies:

o Increase the variety of academic opportunities and adapting new programs for students at all levels.
o Offering programs that are aligned with the goal of developing the whole student.
o Producing graduates who are not just educated but are also 'employable', through practical and market oriented courses that prepare students to make significant contributions to the nation and beyond.
o Provision of an administrative system that creates responsiveness, coherent, observant and flexible approaches in dealing with courses to fit the student?s demands amidst constraints, to help them become critical, creative, free, active and responsible members of our society through educating for empowerment and growth.

- To managed the College?s vision in respect to enhance quality and affordable tertiary education. Through the following strategies:

o Creating awareness of how collaboration and team work expands horizons that provide useful opportunities within the educational sector.
o Change in perspective ?Develop a change paradigm that allows our students to respond to their time at college, knowing that they are the agent of change in their lives and not simply at the mercy of the structure within which they find themselves.
o Dedicated to the philosophy of excellence and commitment to unlocking intellectual and personal possibilities for students through provision of high-quality in teaching as the key.



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